Friday, 27 May 2011

Aspiring SQL Server DBA

Hi Friends,
                This is my first blog on my fist day of blogging. I want to share my ambition of becoming Top Level SQL DBA. 
               I have been working on .Net technologies from the last 5 years now. I work on SQL Server in the back end. Now I want to change my career direction from .Net to SQL Server, because it found it very interesting, I want to become top level SQL DBA now. 
               I created this blog to share my skills in SQL Server with other SQL Server enthusiasts and to learn from them. I will ask questions about whatever problem i will face related to SQL Server. I also want to solve the problems of others(i will try my best) by using my own experience in SQL Server.  that's way i want to follow and to be followed by SQL Server enthusiasts  from all over the world. In my view it will be helpful for me to improve my knowledge in SQL Server and to reach to my goal of becoming one of the best SQL Server DBA.
               I invite all SQL Server enthusiasts out there whether they are expert or the beginners in SQL to follow my blog and join me for SQL Server Knowledge sharing.

Ashish Jain
Senior Software Developer,
Amadeus India Pvt. Ltd.
Mobile : +91-9540151237
Email Id :

Progress has little to do with Speed, But much to do with Direction,
So always concentrate on your direction not on the speed

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